Employment Law and Legal Risk Management

Employment Law

It is important that employers and their employees have a mutual trust and respect for one another. Part of maintaining this productive atmosphere depends upon both employer and employee feeling confident in the business relationship they share.

Employers want to ensure that the company runs smoothly and efficiently, making a profit without alienating employees. Employees want to feel secure in knowing that their employer will not arbitrarily mistreat them or make unreasonable demands. All parties must abide by the laws created to govern the workplace.

Both employer and employee can feel anxious about the prospect of hiring a new employee.

The employer must evaluate the skills, experience, and personality of the potential employee in a short period of time and then decide whether the applicant fits in with the business atmosphere of the company. All the while, the employer needs to comply with the applicable laws regarding employment and non-discrimination. The potential employee would like to feel like a valued member of the company and ensure that he or she is being treated fairly by the employer during the hiring process.

The Burton Law Firm can help the parties enter the employer-employee relationship with trust and confidence. Our attorneys can assist both employers and employees in negotiating employment contracts to ensure that each party is satisfied with the transaction.


Legal Risk Management

After formation, one of the most important things a company can do is take steps to avoid potential lawsuits. Many companies develop a sexual harassment policy, employee handbook, safety procedures, and other guidelines to ensure that the business runs efficiently and avoids legal problems in the future. The Burton Law Firm can help your company achieve your risk management goals by developing these guidelines, explaining the laws applicable to the company working environment, and presenting this information to employees and management. Once the risk management plan is in place and has been implemented, an attorney may return to the company periodically to address any concerns the company may have.

This might include providing refresher courses on sexual harassment and workplace safety to employees and management. 

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