Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer is an important component of each and every estate plan.  This is the process where your assets are divided the way you desire. For some clients, utilizing advanced planning tools to minimize the various taxes imposed on wealth transfers is key.  By advising our clients regarding the use of these tools, which include generation-skipping trusts, grantor trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, charitable trusts, and qualified personal residence trusts, our clients can best structure the transfer of wealth between their family members in a way can reduce and, in many cases, eliminate tax liability and preserve assets for use by future generations.
Also inherent in wealth transfer is the desire to bequeath assets in a manner which effectively embodies the older generation’s intent, whether that involves preservation of a profitable family business or beloved family vacation home or the protection of assets from being squandered by an unruly child or grandchild. 
By listening to the needs of each of our clients wants, we are able to craft and administer estate plans that are uniquely tailored to each family situation and can help transfer wealth in a manner that will protect assets for generations to come. 

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