Intellectual Property Protection and Transactions

Most businesses owners work hard to develop an identifying name, logo, brand, or tagline to help to distinguish their businesses from the competition. After all that work, it is surprising that owners commonly fail to register these valuable identifiers as trademarks. Trademarks can include words, phrases, symbols, or designs that identify and distinguish goods or services of one business from another. Once registered on a state or federal level, trademarks can provide valuable protection against copycats.

Another type of protection that can be obtained is a copyright, which protects original works of authorship. Copyrights can cover literary works, movies, music, paintings, photographs, and more. These protections arise automatically; however, without registration, the author cannot bring a lawsuit for infringement. Registration also provides other court protections and establishes a public record of the author’s claim. If you have worked hard to create an original work, copyright registration will ensure that you retain control over the end product.

Our attorneys are well-versed in trademark and copyright law, and can provide state and federal registration services to protect these types of intellectual property. If you already have your original works registered, our firm is also equipped to handle all types of transactions involving such property, which could include the purchase, sale, licensing, or other transfer of your intellectual property rights. If needed, our litigation department can also defend your intellectual property rights in court. 

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