Mergers and Acquisitions

Businesses are bought and sold every day, whether they are sole proprietorships or large corporations.  Regardless of the type of business, all parties concerned would prefer the sale and transfer of the company to effect a smooth transition which does not interrupt business operations.
Factors like the nature, size, duration, and purpose of the business will affect the implications of the sale and the process by which it is sold.  Furthermore, there may be tax issues that both the buyer and seller should address before completing the sale.  Sometimes, third party interests, such as those of lenders, landlords and licensors, require special attention when structuring and closing the transaction. 
Whether you are buying or selling a business, the attorneys at The Burton Law Firm can help you plan and implement the transaction from start to finish.  We can assist with formulating requests for information about a business target (i.e., due diligence).  We can work with your accounting and tax professionals in analyzing the cash flow and other economics of the transaction and structuring the transaction with tax implications in mind.  We can help negotiate the terms and conditions of purchase or sale, including representations, warranties, indemnities, non-competes and payment terms.  Overall, we have the experience to help you manage and coordinate the various efforts and bring everything together to “close the deal.”
Our attorneys have experience with the various forms of mergers and acquisitions, including purchases and sales of stock, purchases and sales of assets and statutory mergers.  We also frequently assist with purchases and sales of partial interests, such as purchasing or selling a controlling stock interest when one shareholder desires to “buy-out” a co-shareholder.
Another way to “acquire” an interest in a business is through a joint venture.  In some instances, two established companies, regardless of business form, decide to work together on a particular business opportunity.  The two companies will share the benefits and burdens of the opportunity, usually by each contributing money or labor to the joint venture and then sharing the profits.  A successful joint venture can improve the relationship between the two companies and lead to additional and larger economic opportunities in the future.  In short, a joint venture is a specialized form of partnership.  The Burton Law Firm can help structure a joint venture relationship and prepare a joint venture agreement that provides for the desired contributions and allocations of risks and rewards.  Let The Burton Law Firm help your company succeed in your joint venture operations. 

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