Non-Profit Law

The formation, operations and winding down of non-profit, charitiies and not-for-profit organizations, is an area fraught with tax and legal hurdles. An improperly formed or maintained 501(c)(3) will lose its tax exempt status, and can have serious consequences for the board and officers of the organization. Further, organizations need assistance in the handling of charitable contributions, foundations, funds, filings, and expenditures. The Burton Law Firm represents all organizations that are tax-exempt pursuant to section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as any individual or group interested in creating such an organization with a charitable purpose. These groups include, but are not limited to, private and public foundations, professional and community groups, sports leagues, education organizations and boosters, religious institutions, and various other purposes. The Burton Law Firm, with its extensive tax and charitable giving background, particularly enjoys assisting clients with the deveolpment of planned giving and fundraising campaigns.
 The Burton Law Firm assists and represents organizations and individuals in various capacities, including:
Initial Formation of Organization:
This includes drafting of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws; assisting with initial meetings; creation of compliance policies and training; drafting application and filing of necessary state and federal requriements for 501(c) tax exempt status; and assisting with trademarking logos and names.
Assisting in Ongoing Operations:
Revising and updating organizational documents; compliance audits and training; legal assistance regarding charitable fundraising and planned giving; assisting with internal conflicts and legal problems; contracts and transactional assistance; drafting internal and board documents; assistance with tax audits and defense from taxing authority; and civil litigation related to nonprofit organizations.
Wrapping the Non Profit Up:
Assistance in compliance with state and federal rules regarding closing a non profit; advising with regards to dispersment or transfering of charitable assets; handling employment and contract issues relating to the closure of the non profit; and supporting issues relating to existing donors.  

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