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Expert Counsel. Exceptional Solutions.

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Litigation Overview

We apply the law to protect and enforce your rights 

According to the ancient biographer Plutarch, after defeating the Romans at Heraclea in 280 BC, King Pyrrhus of Epirus observed that one more such victory would utterly undo him. The idea of a Pyrrhic victory can resonate deeply with individuals who have argued a legal case before the court. Sometimes a victory can be more expensive than a loss. The Burton Law Firm is focused on attaining the best resolution to your dispute with the smallest expenditure of resources.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

While we excel at aggressively arguing cases in court, often the best outcome is attained outside of the courtroom. Our core strategy is always to explore the option of resolution through mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Throughout this process, we frequently suggest the possibility of a win-win solution to the dispute, instead of a court ruling that may not please anyone. We want you to be victorious in reality, not merely on paper.

We are with you for every step of the process

The litigation process is composed of many stages:

  • pre-litigation counseling and dispute resolution
  • pre-trial discovery and motion practice
  • trial practice
  • enforcement of judgments
Experience Counts

Our team has multiple years of experience in both federal and state civil litigation, in a variety of areas. We believe formal court proceedings should be used infrequently. Nevertheless, when appropriate, our attorneys are prepared and accomplished at arguing your case effectively. If you are involved in trust and estate disputes, partnership disputes, or are interested in defending your intellectual property in court, The Burton Law Firm wants to argue your case for you.

We feel strongly that the law is intended to protect people, especially people who are incapable of defending their own rights. A topic that occupies a special place at The Burton Law Firm is the defense of the financial rights of our elders. Our practice dealing with trusts and estates has sadly introduced us to the spectacle of greedy family members, unethical financial advisors, and dishonest caretakers taking advantage of elder citizens who are ailing physically or suffering from mental health issues. The state of California has enacted laws that protect our elders from abuse and fraud. Our legal team is very experienced in these matters and welcome the chance to protect our vulnerable seniors from financial abuse and fraud. We want to help.

There is a special legal relationship that exists between people in particular circumstances. This forms the basis of fiduciary litigation. The relationships between attorneys and clients, doctors and patients, or trustees and beneficiaries can all be considered fiduciary relationships. Fiduciary comes from the Latin word fiduciarius which means something held in trust. Literally, these relationships are based on trust. Fiduciaries do not always prove worthy of this trust. When this happens, the fiduciary must be held accountable. We often have to deal with these relationships in regards to estate planning, business law, and tax law, and commonly protect people from harm by their fiduciaries.

The Burton Law Firm wants to apply the law to protect and enforce your rights. We do this through our litigation arm.