The Burton Law Firm Contract DisputesThe main tenets of a contract are the offer, acceptance and consideration. The offer refers to the good or service to be provided, and acceptance refers to the agreement to accept the good or service. The consideration is the compensation given to the provider of the good or service. All of these together create a mutuality of obligation. When things run smoothly, all parties to a contract fulfill their obligations and everyone is satisfied with the outcome. Sometimes this is not the case. We appreciate the frustration that can occur when agreements are not honored, and are successful at assisting you in enforcing the terms of your contract.

After a contract is drafted, and both parties have agreed on the terms and signed, the terms of the agreement are binding on both of the parties. If one party fails to perform, the remaining parties have the legal right to enforce the terms of the agreement. Contract disputes are not as rare as you would think, considering the enforceable nature of the terms.

Disputes commonly occur because one party has simply failed to perform as promised. Other times, a dispute arises over the meaning of one of the terms of the contract. Sometimes, a dispute can involve multiple contracts, multiple parties, and a wide variety of legal issues. These circumstances pave the way for contract dispute litigation. While we do not always end up in court, the issues of the contract in question have to be addressed.

Regardless of the situation, our firm is equipped to represent you and your legal rights under the contract. Whether the venue is state court, federal court, arbitration, or mediation, we can defend or enforce your rights during a contract dispute. Just as importantly, we can provide you with an open and honest assessment of your rights under the contract, the likelihood that you will prevail, and the costs involved in proceeding. Therefore, you can make the most informed decision on how to move forward with your case.

The Burton Law Firm is practiced in the formation of contracts, and the negotiation involved in coming to terms together to form a contract. If a contract is not honored, we are also skilled in leading you to success in a court of law. Contact our head of litigation services, Michael Wilcox, to schedule an appointment to address your contract dispute litigation needs.