The Burton Law Firm Financial Elder AbuseCalifornia has enacted special laws to protect people who are 65 years old or older from all types of abuse and fraud. These laws include protections covering financial abuse, which occurs when a person has taken the property of an elder and knew or should have known that the elder would be harmed. For example a caregiver may forge a signature on a check in order to take money out of the elder’s account. These shameful practices are why California has special laws protecting our elders. California’s protections cover elders of all situations, ranging from those that are in good health and completely competent to those that are ailing physically or suffering from mental health issues.

In real world terms, financial elder abuse could include stealing money or jewelry, forging the elder’s signature on important documents, coercing the elder to sign a will or power of attorney, obtaining a deed to property through undue influence, etc. Sadly, these types of financial abuses are often perpetrated by those close to the elder. The list is long and can include greedy family members, dishonest caretakers, and unscrupulous financial advisors. Fortunately, California law provides significant protections and helpful remedies for elders who are the victims of financial abuse.

Our litigation team is experienced in dealing with financial elder abuse and can represent you in court to retrieve lost or stolen property, nullify documents that were signed because of fraud, or obtain compensation for damages done to you. If you are not the victim, but you are a friend or family member of the victim, we can also guide you through the steps you can take to protect the elder from harm. The key is to intervene quickly before significant damage can be done.

The Burton Law Firm believes our elders need to be protected from unscrupulous behavior by their caregivers, family members, or friends. It is a subject that is close to our hearts. If you or someone you know is being victimized in this way please contact us, we want to help.