The Burton Law Firm Intellectual Property DisputesIntellectual property is often thought of as the creative output of an artist or musician. In fact, intellectual property is something that results from original and unique creative thought. Your business may be founded on a unique piece of intellectual property, and perhaps it is not adequately protected. Even the name of your business or your logo can be copyrighted and protected. We believe the hard earned fruits of your creative endeavor should not be diluted through inappropriate use by others. The Burton Law Firm is excellent at helping you protect what is yours, as well as defending you against false claims of infringement.

Whether your intellectual property is a patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secret, you have the ability to legally protect your intellectual property from infringement or misappropriation. As intellectual property is oftentimes the cornerstone of a successful business, why would you allow someone else to cash in and build success using your creation? Furthermore, why would you allow this when you have already taken the legal steps to protect your property under federal or state law? Even if you have not done so, you still may have options against the infringing or misappropriating party.

While it is still possible to protect your intellectual property without taking the steps to register it at the outset, the best practice is to identify and register your property right away. We are skilled at recognizing the parts of your creative work that can benefit the most from copyrighting, trademarking, or patenting. Once properly registered your property is much easier to protect.

Other forms of intellectual property disputes that are common in this area of practice are cease and desist letters. Such a letter demands that you stop using the image, name, or process because you have misappropriated it, and threatens legal action if you continue to use the property. It is even possible that you have received a cease and desist letter wrongfully. We can help you deal with unfounded allegations like these.

If you find yourself in an intellectual property dispute, you should take all steps necessary to protect this vital and valuable asset. Our firm has experience handling a wide variety of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret disputes. We have experience representing clients at any stage of a dispute, starting from drafting a cease and desist letter, to representation at trial, and even continued representation before the appellate courts. We also are experienced in many legal forums, both state and federal, across the country.

If you have built a better mouse trap, or merely written a great speech about it, let us help you protect that creation from infringement and give you the benefits of your hard work. Please contact Michael Iwahiro, our specialist in intellectual property protection, to schedule a meeting to discuss your property today.